Good morning. This week, we exploreย #power.
Inย Monday’s House of Flexibility, we did a 5-minute Katamudra combo along with two separate 3-minute downward dogs.
Inย Tuesday’s House of Fire, we continued to press the limits of our power with long duration sequences.
What awaits us on Wednesday & Thursday?
I have no idea, as I am turning over power for both the House Wind & Water and the House of Zen to our second-ever Zen57 Coach.
So for the first time, you’ll experience your state of zen as guided by someone else.
I’ll be in the woods, keeping my streak alive of course.
What Zen57 recordings will I come back with?
Will they be bonus classes? Meditations? Something entirely new?
Again, I don’t know, because no class is ever planned in advance.
We simply channel the energy, and we teach.
This week, we teachย power.
Finish your week powerfully byย starting each morning off on your mat.
Fist to palm,
Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57
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