Zen57 Class 219: Movement

Good morning, Learning to #control Of our movements through slow and upbeat tempos allows our nervous system to operate at a very high frequency. Slow the body down as you learn to rotate your second Katamudra for five minutes!! #listen to your inner voice as your push your outer body through a #Zen57 experience #helixandgene #elevatedawareness #weeklyintention

2021-11-14T15:15:13-05:00July 31, 2021|The House of Movement|

Zen57 Class 218: Strength

Learn to #control your #Strength frequency!! Turn on the nervous system by understanding that it’s the connecting and communication tool of your body and mind. Bring out the warrior within and call upon your inner power that governs the strength of the muscles!! #powerwithin #elevatedawareness #zen57 #helixandgene #weeklyinteniton

2021-11-14T15:15:22-05:00July 30, 2021|The House of Strength|

Zen57 Class 217: Zen

Render #control and get yourself into a space of Zen. Let go of all attachments by doing a 5 minute #KATAMUDRA to awaken the Kundalini energy of the spine. Allow your thoughts and fears to surface and learn to let go of physical limitations and therefore mental attachments in order to achieve your state of Zen!! #elevatedawareness #helixandgene #zen57 #weeklyintention

2021-11-14T15:15:37-05:00July 29, 2021|The House of Zen|

Zen57 Class 216: Wind and Water

Learning to control wind and water? When wind pushes water or water splashes into wind!! The controlling point in between that connects them has a frequency of vibration. Flowing from rigid movement to smooth movement has a transitional frequency of its own as well and requires a ton of control!! Go very deep as we flow our way to halt of a 5 minute downdog to end our practice today. #control #zen57 #helixandgene #neuroanatomy #weeklyintention

2021-11-14T15:15:51-05:00July 28, 2021|The House of Wind and Water|

Zen57 Class 215: Fire

Control the fire within and let it become a slow cooker for you. Today we learned how to #control that fire within. Turn on your internal furness and keep that breath of fire in control. Learn to internally and externally rotate every joint in the body under control and open those neural pathways to perform in an optimal fashion. Become aware of your fire and the best that generates your thoughts and life. #zen57 #helixandgene #elevatedawareness #fire #weeklyintention

2021-11-14T15:16:14-05:00July 27, 2021|The House of Fire|

Zen57 class 214: Flexibility

Control the uncontrollable ?? Take the theme of the week as our intention is #Control Learn to control your body’s movements into a flexible physical state and in turn improve your mental control in life. Rotation of the joints as we align our circle of physical body with try circular these of life!! Give up your attachment to control and become committed to the control of your practice!!

2021-11-14T15:16:31-05:00July 26, 2021|The House of Flexibility|


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