Zen57 Class 255: Stability

#listen to your #stability and bring out your #Resilience !!! Close out the week strong by listening to your inner voice. Strengthen your Neuroanatomy by charging up your mind and stabilizing your body!! Learn to listen to your higher self, to your nervous system and intern listen differently to the people around you!!

2021-11-14T14:59:40-05:00September 5, 2021|The House of Stability|

Zen57 Class 254: Movement

Welcome to your listening of how you move!! By tuning in and #listening to your body’s movements, you get a different sense of appreciation for who you are inside!! Listening is the most important tool you can develop for proper communication!! All of my #highachievers who are true #zenners and live a #zennerlifestlye tell me that training in the #zen57 system has increased their #neurology for listening amongst many other things!! #helixandgene #elevatedawareness

2021-11-14T15:00:01-05:00September 4, 2021|The House of Movement|

Zen57 Class 253: Strength

#listening to your #strength and powerfully chowing to calm your mind!! In life there’s two contexts for listening!! 1) The simple definition of understanding how to keep quiet and listen when needed!! 2) The listening that you have for yourself and for others. Staying quiet when needed and listening so you can enhance your mind by learning as super important, you’re listening of others is how you view them and how they show up in your world. We want to strengthen our listening of others and I’ve ourselves this week.

2021-11-14T15:00:10-05:00September 3, 2021|The House of Strength|

Zen57 Class 250: Fire

Align your spirits geometrical shape with your nervous system? Is he speaking astronaut again?? Isn’t there a song out by #lonewolf called #astronautintheocean ?? Either way fire is fire and with the proper focus it’s beautiful and can be deadly!! But does fire have a noise?? How do you #listen to the sound of fire? Today we bring the #weeklyintention of #fire to our #practice !! And yes you guessed it we are focused on #listening as #AlanWatts says “it’s the easiest way to get into the meditative state” !!

2021-11-14T15:00:51-05:00August 31, 2021|The House of Fire|


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