Zen57 Class 261: Movement

#resilience to #movement with #zen57 Learn How to navigate through all frequencies of movement by being resilient through each one. Connect the internal, Nuro anatomical dots With the external happenings of life when it comes to movements. Learn that when you train your body and mind on the mat to handle any frequency of movement, the movement in your life becomes more smooth and a lot more enjoyable. #helixandgene #elevatedawareness

2021-11-13T14:24:41-05:00September 11, 2021|The House of Movement|

Zen57 Class 260: Strength

#resilience to #strength !! It’s time to be resilient with yourself on what your strong in !!! Focus on being resilient and enhancing your #neuroanatomy when it comes to strength!! Take a dive a bit deeper and challenge the norm!! Go somewhere physically that You have never been before, and find yourself mentally somewhere or you have never been before.

2021-11-13T14:25:09-05:00September 10, 2021|The House of Strength|

Zen57 Class 259: Zen

Learn to bring #resilience to #zen !! We often want to achieve this state we call zen!! We associated with a calm and peace and they triangle state of mind. However, we realistically do not know how to achieve the state. With a stressful, busy lifestyle how can one actually quiet the mind?? In today’s class learn how to be resilient through movement in order to stay achieve a State Zen57 Lee and intern mentally. #elevatedawareness #zen57 #helixandgene

2021-11-13T14:25:23-05:00September 9, 2021|The House of Zen|

Zen57 Class 258: Wind and Water

#Resilience to wind and water!! Bring attention to the strength of wind and water as well as to its calm smooth way of operating!! Wind and water can be soothing or kill!! Learn to surf the water with the power of wind and let the monsoon they create together ride behind you!! #elevatedawareness #zen57 #helixandgene #weeklyintention

2021-11-13T14:25:41-05:00September 8, 2021|The House of Wind and Water|

Zen57 Class 256: Flexibility

#resilience is one the main common traits that all high achievers share!! This week we take #resilience to our practice and learn to be resilient in our #flexibility !! Learn to be flexible. Open your body and mind, allow for fear and doubt to step in. Once you have opened your inner door to those words, learn to be flexible and resilient and move past them as you open those energy locks. #helixandgene #zen57

2021-11-13T14:26:04-05:00September 6, 2021|The House of Flexibility|


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