This week’s intention, ‘take away sight, add vision’, is a phrase you’ve heard me say before if you’re a true zenner.

I’ll often ask you to close your eyes during the Katamudras.


Because sometimes we must close our eyes in order to see more clearly; to have better vision.

Vision and sight are most definitely not the same.

Great athletes have vision. They know where everyone else is on the field or court at all times, not because they are looking at them, but because they know where the other players are, and where they are going to be. They anticipate and sense their presence.

How does this translate in life, off of your mat, outside of sports?

Here’s one example:

If you’re looking to set or achieve a goal of any kind, sight has nothing to do with it. Vision does.

Here’s a simple 4-part exercise you can try. Sit in a comfortable (meditative) position and settle in:

(1) Take a deep breath, and observe the external world; your surroundings. Focus on what’s in front of you for a few moments, as opposed to your thoughts.

(2) Next, close your eyes, and observe your internal world, your thoughts and feelings, for a few moments.

(3) Now, open your eyes and keep your attention focused inward, noting your thoughts, while disregarding the external world (with your eyes open).

(4) Lastly, close your eyes and picture the external world, the room and all of your surroundings.

Hopefully you’ll start to see that some aspects of life are in fact clearer with your eyes closed.

‘Take away sight, add vision’ is our Intention this week, and in every class between Monday & Sunday, we will work this into our training.

This is what sets Zen57 training apart.

Wake up your mind, body, and spirit every morning.

Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57