What does ‘Detailed Efficiency‘, our Weekly Intention this coming week, mean?


In fact we used ‘Efficiency’ as our Weekly Intention in the 3rd week of September this year. (See this blog post in case you missed that.)


So then, the phrase Detailed Efficiency is about taking it one, two, or three levels deeper.


It’s about building on all of our previous Intentions and combining them into an ever-growing, brightly-burning ball of energy, momentum, and Power as you continue to grow as a person as an Effect of your Commitment daily Zen57 training (the Cause).


(All of the words in bold have been previous intentions.)


Our last three Intentions, all phrases, in order, have been:

  1. Commitment Vs. Attachment
  2. Cause & Effect
  3. How You Are With One Thing Is How You Are With Everything.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been applying each of these throughout my day with Intensity.


I found that by combining them (rather than just forgetting about what we learned and applied the previous week), the results have been magnified greatly.


For example, last week, when I was able to stay focused on only what I have Committed to do, while actively guarding against allowing myself to be the Effect in any situation, and applying this mindset to Everything, in those moments I was literally on fire – as a business owner, Father, Husband, and Teacher.


This brings us back to Detailed Efficiency.


Will it be possible for us to bring this level of attention to detail to everything that we choose to do this week, in order to be more efficient?


The best place to test it is right on your Zen57 mat.


Tune in tomorrow morning for Monday’s House of Flexibility and find out more for yourself.


Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57