What does it take to win?

It takes a winning formula, which is this week’s .


Your ‘winning formula’ is the subconscious framework that leads to the conscious actions you take in pursuit of success.


We are creatures of habit. We remember which patterns of thought and behavior worked for us in the past, and which did not.


Then, sometimes without realizing it, we repeat the patterns we have learned over the years. We apply them to daily life.This shapes who you are today!!!


However, what if I told you that your ‘winning formula’ might be blocking your growth and expansion?


What if your ‘winning formula’ is really just an old pattern of behavior that makes you feel safe (a temporary form of ‘winning’) – but it’s not really serving to get you where you want to be today?


Can you identify your true winning formula? Can you learn to let go of the impostor?


This level of surrender and release is how you truly start to win.


Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57