At the end of every Zen57 class, I ask you to “Thank yourself, thank your Higher Self, and to thank your Self for doing this for yourself.”

We practice Zen57 daily to take care of our Self.

When we take care of our Self, we are in a better position to take care of everyone else.

The people we love.

Our friends.

Our community.

In fact, you might say that it is only to the degree that you take care of your Self that you are capable of doing for others.

On our Zen57 mats, we raise that degree; we raise that bar.

This week we raise that bar even higher with ourΒ Zen In 7 FREE promotion.

It’s very simple: tell anyone you know who might be interested in losing a few pounds, cleaning up their diet for a week, resetting their metabolism post-holiday, AND experiencing the awesome ‘State of Zen’ created in every brand-new Zen57 class every day,Β completely for free for 7 days, to visit our site and sign up today using the coupon codeΒ zenreset.

Forward them this message, share it on social, or simply send them a text: “zen57.comΒ + couponΒ zenresetΒ = free week of classes & meal plan. Enjoy!”

I’m giving this away this week because I am thankful for you.

Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57
(PS: Gratitude is this week’s intention.)

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