Last week I challenged you to look deeply into your ‘Winning Formula’.

Did you enter the cave you fear the most?

Are you ready to shift away from operating in terms of ‘what you have to lose’, and instead think of ‘what you have to gain’?

This is a very scary thing for some, to potentially let go of something which they have acquired. (Status, wealth, relationships, comfort, possessions, etc.)

Yet paradoxically the only way to make room for something new is to discard something old.

The only way to operate on the next level of spiritual & professional development is to stop operating on your current one.

This week, I will challenge you to grow.

To Rebuild & Rewire, which is our intention.

Here at Zen57, we don’t ‘go to the gym’.

We go much, much deeper than that.

Wake up your mind, body, and spirit every morning.

Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch

Kriyator of Zen57 by Helix & Gene