Dear Zenners,
I love surprising you.
I love launching new things.
I love growth.
In fact, everything that I do, pretty much, is centered around growth.
Zen57 is all about growth. Helix & Gene, the nutrition company that I founded, is all about growth.
That’s why this week, to celebrate the launch of my new YouTube Channel: Sam Balooch Wellness, our intention is … growth.
This YouTube Channel is going to be big. For you.
I’m going to put lots of amazing content up there regularly, including, every week, a short video about the weekly intention.
And be sure to subscribe on YouTube (free) so that you get all of the information I post there about nutrition, anxiety, wellness, science, spirituality, and more.
Join me on this next chapter of the Zen57 Journey into YouTube.
I made the Sam Balooch Wellness YouTube channel for YOU, not for me, to help you grow.
Fist to palm,
Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57

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