What makes your stars align?

It’s you.

Of course, there may be some cosmic forces at work but, here on the ‘ground level’, having your ‘stars be in alignment’; having everything feel like it’s ‘falling into place’, or ‘coming together’ … that is, in a very real way, within your control.

You can begin by physically aligning your body every day with Zen57 training.

If you’re new or you’ve never tried it, start withΒ The 5 Pillars, which takes 5 minutes.

If you’re interested in full 40-minute classes, but aren’t yet a member, you canΒ try those hereΒ on the new Sam Balooch Wellness YouTube channel as well. We post one each week from the previous week’s training.

And on that awesome new YouTube channel, every week, Sam puts out a new intention video. This weeks intention?


Sam talks about how being physically, mentally, and spiritually aligned opens up new neural pathways.

About how the body is one kinetic chain that can get into flow with the world around it.

And about how Zen57 training for proper alignment in all of these facets can help unlock and define your sense ofΒ who you are.

You canΒ click here to watch this week’s intention video.

All this week, we’ll be working alignment into our training.

See you there.

Fist to palm,
Coach Matt
Zen57 by Helix & Gene
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