This past week, our intention was #rhythm, and we played not only with varying level of speed, but also strength, balance, and more. I hope you were able to take that practice off the mat, and into life.

While we cannot control the external rhythms of life, we can control how we set the tone with regards to our internal rhythms each morning.

That’s why I repeatedly say that practicing your 5 Pillars & 7 Katamudras for a total of 12 minutes per day, every morning, is just like eating your greens or brushing your teeth.

Don’t forget, with our archives you can now take any awesome classes you may have missed, as last week’s House of Fire #201 or House of Wind & Water #203.

This week our intention is: #INTENSITY.

When bring #INTENSITY to whatever it is that we do, we accomplish amazing results. You can practice #INTENSITY in your work, whether you’re in sales, medicine, law, or sports. Chris Duffin recently squatted 1,000 pounds for three repetitions. It took him four years of intense focus to get there.

You can start with just one Zen57 Class this week. See where it takes you from there.

The #INTENSITY of one moment’s earnest concentration and the intense longing to become and to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort; it will unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence and self-belittlement, and you will come into a realization of the joy of overcoming.” – Charles F. Haanel

Or perhaps you’re building a streak like me. As you’ve heard me say, I’m over 200 days in a row of consecutive classes, and each day, the benefits magnify.

Let’s see how intense we can get this week.

Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57