How many years of life do you have left to live?

It – our own mortality – is not a question most people typically like to ponder.

But you are not like most people. You are a Zenner.

You practice Zen57 every day so that you can increase your longevity.

Make no mistake about it: whether you have 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 more years of life in front of you, none of those is very much time at all.

100 years is not even a half a blink of the universal eye.

What you do today matters. Living your life is urgent. You do not have time to waste.

That, #urgency, is our intention for this week’s training.

Urgency does not mean ‘panic, freak out, or rush’.

Urgency means seizing the opportunity, not allowing life to pass you by, and making the most of every moment.

How can we mentally, physically, & spiritually practice Urgency in each of the 7 Houses this week: Flexibility, Fire, Wind & Water, Zen, Strength, Movement, & Stability?

Join us (now!) and find out for yourself.

Fist to palm,

Sam Balooch, Kriyator of Zen57

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