I remember taking my first Zen57 Sunday House of Stability ‘Weekend Warrior’ Class. Sam told us to get into a push-up plank and hold it steady … for 5 minutes.
I held it about halfway before I started shaking, bending, and bowing as my body begged for a break … while watching Sam hold perfectly still in his!
I was immediately driven to achieve a full 5-minute plank, and set out to master it over the next few weeks. I began doing the 5 Pillars daily, first for 1 minute each, then 2, 3, 4, and finally 5.
In the moment that I first tried and failed, I immediately visualized myself making it happen in the future. There was never a doubt that I was going to get there. I knew exactly what steps to take.
I was 100% committed and driven.
So, what drives you?
Where does your inner sense of drive come from?
For me, and for most of us, it’s almost always something deeper than what’s on the surface.
In my example, the drive was not just to ‘achieve a 5-minute plank’. Achieving the 5-minute plank was the next level of physical development for me. At an even deeper level, ever since I was very young, I have always felt driven to constantly elevate my body to it’s highest potential.
So, again, what drives YOU?
Join us this week and tap into drive in one or all of these classes:
  • Mondays: Flexibility
  • Tuesdays: Fire
  • Wednesdays: Flow
  • Thursdays: Zen
  • Fridays: Strength (with light dumbbells)
  • Saturdays: Movement (with light dumbbells)
  • Sundays: Stability (with light dumbbells)

ALL available any day, on-demand.

Fist to palm,

Coach Matt, Zen57
(Not Sam this week!)