Why Practice Zen57?

Do you need to perform at your peak?

Is a state of elevated awareness crucial for your day at work?

Perhaps you’re a doctor or medical professional, and you require an optimal state of concentration and relaxation. Perhaps you’re a lawyer who needs to command the attention of an entire courtroom. Or perhaps you’re an athlete who needs to be able to tap into a state of flow at will.

Whatever you do, the Zen57 training system will help you do it at your best.

And this is not just about your profession. The ‘state of Zen’ we achieve daily in Zen57 training will impact all of your relationships. You will be more tuned into your family each day.

There’s a lot of talk about achieving ‘state of flow’ but here at Zen57, we physically train the nervous system through a series of sequential movements and breath work.

This neuroanatomical training opens up new pathways of communication. It fires your nerves & synapses and forces them to work together more effectively.

The result is that you begin to see how you really are inside of any situation, off the mat.

“A happy spine creates a happy body, which creates a happy life.”

How do we train the nervous system?

The Vagus nerve is the 10th and longest cranial nerve in the body. It runs all the way from the brainstem to the colon, and it is known to have input to the tongue, pharynx, heart, and the gastrointestinal system.

Here are some of the functions of the vagus nerve, which we stimulate using Zen57: inflammation prevention, memory formulation, helps breathing, controls heart rhythm, initiates relaxation response, and communication between your gut and your brain.

By performing Zen57 routines which pinpoint on endurance, flexibility, and power, we achieve a peak endorphin rush, specifically via the Vagus Nerve.

As Kriyator Sam Balooch points out, ‘the nervous system’ is the scientific term for the equivalent spiritual phrase ‘the higher self’. They are both one and the same. The words we use to describe the feeling are less important than actually making the connection, doing the practice, and experiencing the results.

The results are that your professional and personal performance will soar to new levels, because there is no other training system like this out there.

If you are a top performer in search of an elevated state of physical, mental, and spiritual awareness, try our 7-day trial membership for only $1 and experience a taste of the Zenner lifestyle.