Zen57 Class 289: Movement

#Cause and #Effect Learning to be the cause of your physical movement and intern becoming the cause of the movements you have decided to live in life. Every goal you set out to achieve requires for you to create a movement, the creation of that movement is the cause that you are looking to achieve. When you’re standing still and something around you is moving you are at the mercy of life and can get hit by the moving object and become the effect of it.

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Zen57 Class 385: Zen

“EXECUTION” Today learn to execute with perfect symmetry through sequential movements to create a vibrational frequency of Zen. Learn to get into our spiritual warrior mindset through physical movements and mental focus. This powerful state of Zen leaves no room for anxiety, fear or depression. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Zen57 Class 384: Wind and Water

“EXECUTION” Today we learn to put our body through all different kinds of movement in a specific flow pattern. When driving a race car through an obstacle course you must have the wherewithal in the mental/physical state to make sharp turns at high speeds. The perfect execution of all the micro bits in life are like those sharp turns in the race car. The GeForce that you have to learn to create in your body to become the antagonist for the speed of the car pulling you into that turn Hass to be in perfect flow. Execute today on all and every thought an element that is presented to you at a very high speed and pace. This mental state of efficiency and execution has no room for fear, anxiety and depression.

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Zen57 Class 383: Fire

“EXECUTION” Learn to turn on your inner flame and execute in every part of your day today with fierce intensity and focus. Hold your body and strengthen that energy inside in sequential formats to strengthen your nervous system. Learning to stabilize your vagal tone by different frequencies of breath and hold and movements. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Zen57 Class 382: Flexibility

“EXECUTION” Execution is the ultimate word that leads you to happiness. Pure focus and action is required for proper execution. Path into the mass consciousness of execution and achieve all of your short-term goals. Be flexible in your vision yet never lose sight of your commitment. This Zen57 mindset does not allow any room for fear, anxiety and depression. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Zen57 Class 381: Stability

“ALIGNMENT” Today to align our mind body and spirit we stabilize our physical body by doing 2 five minute plank holds!! Stabilization is the key elements to balance of mind body and spirit. Alignment is what’s needed in order for stabilization to be present. When you are internally and externally aligned in a pure stable state of mind and body, anxiety, depression and fear cannot exist. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety Power for Parkinson’s

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𝗭𝗲𝗻𝟱𝟳 Weekly Intention 2022.1.9 Alignment

What makes your stars align?

It’s you.

Of course, there may be some cosmic forces at work but, here on the ‘ground level’, having your ‘stars be in alignment’; having everything feel like it’s ‘falling into place’, or ‘coming together’ … that is, in a very real way, within your control.

You can begin by physically aligning your body […]

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Zen57 Class 380: Movement

“ALIGNMENT” Today we learn to turn on the frequency of movement and internally ignite our creativity. When aligning your movements and sequential anatomical order, your mind and body become fully aligned with your spirit. In such a creative space, anxiety, fear and depression have no room to play. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Zen57 Class 379: Strength

“ALIGNMENT” Learn to strengthen the alignment between your mind body and heart through the spine. Utilize a non-stop flow of dumbbell movements to strengthen your neuroanatomy. Understand the true alignments by utilizing your heart to connect the mind and Gut, A vibration this strong has no space for fear, depression and anxiety. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Zen57 Class 378: Zen

“ALIGNMENT” Enter a deep state of Zen and learn to build your firewall of energy internally as well as creating external firewall. Alignment and Zen are two of the same meaning. When you are in perfect alignment then you are in a state of Zen and if you are in a state of Zen you must be in perfect alignment. Hold a perfect three minute plank and end with a tripod head stand to establish the stability and alignment of your state of Zen. When in Zen there is no room for anxiety, fear and depression.

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Zen57 Class 377: Wind and Water

“ALIGNMENT” In today’s class we learn align our mind body and spirit through sequential movements and proper breath work. Learn to control your breath irrespective of movement. This deep connection in word will teach your body pure stability through any kind of chaos. This type of spiritual warrior has no space for fear, anxiety and depression. #Unshakable #unbreakable #neuroanatomy #TrainyourmindMasteryourbody #Zen365 #Zen57 #Zenin7 #streakers #zenners #Amzenners #Helixandgene #mentalhealth #anxiety Power for Parkinson’s

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