Latest Class

The House of Flexibility

Mentally: Awaken the nervous system and stimulate your neurons.
Physically: Open up your receptive energy locks and expand your movements.
Spiritually: Tune in to a frequency of confidence through surrender.

The House of Fire

Mentally: Through specific breath work and meditations stimulate serotonin.
Physically: Feel the intensity of the heat generated by your deep inner layers of muscle fibers.
Spiritually: Awaken the kundalini energy of the lower 3 chakras and learn to balance your hormones.

The House of Wind and Water

Mentally: Learn to calm the mind through power moves done gracefully with specific breath work.
Physically: Stabilize and strengthen your joints by stimulating the nerves that connect to ligaments and tendons.
Spiritually: Connect the Chi within to the outer layer and build your own energy igloo of light to protect and conserve your integrity.

The House of Zen

Mentally: Open up the chakras and connect the cranial sacral nerves for optimal anatomical function.
Physically: Perform strong holds, strong breath work in conjunction with antagonist movements to create perfect stability.
Spiritually: Find that space between serenity and rage we call Zen.

The House of Strength

Mentally: Tap into the true strength of the mind by connecting to you inner child.
Physically: Power moves done with power breaths to stimulate muscle growth through opening energy locks.
Spiritually: Awaken your strength from inside out and surface your true inner warrior.

The House of Movement

Mentally: Tune deep into sequential moves that help open up mental fog.
Physically: Teach your muscles and joints to move in all planes of motion controlled by your breath
Spiritually: Learn the flow of your body and it’s rhythm to open up that serpent energy of the kundalini spine

The House of Stability

Mentally: Find your peace and stability through the depth of your breath and focus your mind.
Physically: Teach your central nervous system patience by holding your body in long powerful poses to strengthen your joints and spine.
Spiritually: Create that perfect state of Zen and connect to your inner roots and tree of life.