Zen Fundamental


per month
Learn the Zen 57 System and enhance your N.A.T physically and mentally. Learn the basics of this system and start your own STREAK. Once you have learned the Zen Fundamentals jump into any of the Empowering and Enlightening Zen57 classes. Achieve Discipline, Confidence and Clarity and reduce stress and fatigue.
  1. New Class Daily – Never repeated
  2. Complete on Demand Catalog over 600 classes
  3. Private Facebook Access
  4. Private LinkedIn Group Access
  5. Access to personal picked classes and categories

A Deeper Look at your N.A.T
One on One

3 Months
  1. Have a consult with Sam and set up your personal plan based on your goals and needs.
  2. Customize your overall wellness goals using our unique N.A.T system.
  3. Get the body you’ve always wanted through balancing your Mind.
  4. Come Curious, leave Accomplished
  5. Email us at zen@Zen57.com or call 516-467-4817 for more information.


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